How to delete whatsapp photos and videos at once

Hello everyone, as loyal users of WhatsApp which now reaches 143 million users in Indonesia according to This number is certainly very much, or about 83% of internet users in Indonesia. Meanwhile, according to as of February 2020 whatsapp users in the world reached 2 billion, surely this will continue to grow.

In whatsapp you may be a lot of groups that you follow every day, from the office group, family, friends, community, where the group sends photos, videos, documents, location, etc., this causes the performance of your cell phone can go down because the files are stored piling up in your phone’s memory.

Although basically whatsapp gives an option so that photos or videos sent to you may not be downloaded immediately, you can choose which photos you have to download. However, many people are also lazy to use this feature, especially if every day connected to wifi, it is easier for photos and videos to be downloaded directly on our WhatsApp, no need to click 1 by one photo / video that will be viewed.

What if we no longer need the photos / videos that we have seen before? do you delete it 1 by 1? Of course it will be easier if you can delete photos and videos from the group you are in and the group is sending lots of photos and pictures.

Here are the steps to delete photos / videos on WhatsApp all at once:

  • Open the whatsapp application
  • Click the top right corner icon
  • Click Settings
  • Click Data and storage usage
  • Click storage usage
  • The group / chat that holds the biggest file is usually at the top
  • Click the group / chat
  • DELETE Check for Text Messages (this means we will not delete messages in the form of text)
  • Check All, including photos and videos
  • Click DELETE ITEMS (… MB)

Repeat the steps above for each group / chat that has a large save file, so that your mobile memory has more space to store. Do it every week or month depending on your memory capacity and time to do it.

Previously if you were disturbed by the photo and video files that appeared in the gallery you could make adjustments as follows:

  • Click Settings
  • Click Chats
  • TURN OFF the “Media Visibility” button
media visibility wa

Next photos and videos sent to your group or chat will not appear in the photo gallery, but still stored in memory, you can see using WhatsApp and delete using the above method.

Good luck.

Hendra Wijaya

Note : This article was translated to English from here.

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