How to download free ringtone for iphone and ipad devices

Hello friends goodnight, this time I will share my experience to download free ringtones for your iPhone and iPad.

As we all know that to replace the default ringtone from Apple products you must have a credit card to be able to buy the ringtone on iTunes, although in some minimarkets already sell iTunes vouchers with certain denom.

If you are bored with the ringtone / default ringtone iphone and ipad you can follow the steps below:

  • Download the 3utools software, downlad here.
  • Install software
  • Install iphone driver / install itunes, download here.
  • Plug the idevice into the laptop or computer via a USB cable
  • Wait until the driver installation process is complete
  • Open your ide lock screen
  • Click trust on idevice if asked
  • If it is connected to 3utools information will appear about your idevice
  • Click the ringtone on the 3utools tab
  • Click download to device in the upper right corner
  • Now you can see the downloaded ringtone in settings, sound, ringtone

Please leave a comment if you have anything to discuss.

Hendra Wijaya

Note : This article is translated into English from here.

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