How to install double whatsapp on iphone and ios

Hello good afternoon everyone, this time I was intrigued to make an article related to how in IOS to be able to use two WhatsApp, especially on iOS above 9.0, although most of the iPhones don’t have 2 sims in one device, even if there is an updated iPhone, No need to store a physical SIM on the iPhone, so you can also use an old iPhone.

In the previous article how to install double whatsapp, we use third party applications to install their version of whatsapp into our iOS. But this time don’t use third-party apps, we’ll use the official app from WhatsApp.

All you need to prepare is as follows :

  • Iphone devices / iphone phones try iOS 9.0 and above, iOS 10, 11 and 12.
  • Two telephone numbers.
  • The first phone number you have registered is on WhatsApp.
  • Download whatsapp bussiness here.
  • Install WhatsApp and register your second cellphone number.

This time I recommend using WhatsApp Business rather than third party applications that are not in the app store, this is because applications that are not in the app store are usually vulnerable to the security of our iPhone.

Whatsapp business is not much different if only for the chat feature, however, you certainly have a reason why you should install 2 whatsapp, most likely to do business, so at the same time take advantage of whatsapp business features that have a company profile, web address, catalog, etc. If it is also empty, no problem, the user who chat you will be informed that the account that you are using is a business account.

Hopefully useful, and please advise and input it in the comments.

Hendra Wijaya

Note : This article is translated into English from here.

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