Solution upgrade samsung s5 docomo from android lollipop to marshmallow

Hello good morning everyone, this time I will share my experience to upgrade Samsung S5 Docomo from the default OS KitKat to Lollipop or Marshmallow.

Previously for those who do not know the difference between the Samsung S5 Indonesian version and the Japanese version S5, I will explain in simple terms: Samsung S5 Docomo is a smartphone with general specifications (hardware) the same as the S5 SEIN marketed in Indonesia.

it’s just that Samsung cooperates with Docomo which is one of the main operators in Japan as we are in Indonesia (Telkomsel, Indosat and XL) (1), to do the naming bundling and some modification of the default software from the company, for more details you can read on the page this.

We will enter the core issue of this article, how to upgrade to a higher android, which needs to be prepared beforehand is as follows:

Then the next step is as follows:

  • Download point no 3-5 first.
  • Extract number 3 and 5, install number 3, then restart your PC / Laptop
  • Insert the Micro USB cable into the USB port and on the Samsung S5
  • Turn off your s5.
  • Press the power, home and volume down (-) buttons simultaneously
  • If it appears blah..bla..bla .. in Japanese press volume up (+) to enter download mode
  • Open the odin application
  • If it appears [0 / com] or [1 / com] it means that your Samsung S5 is already connected with a laptop / PC
  • Checked AP then browse / navigate to the android firmware that you have downloaded
  • Click start
  • Wait until the PASS text is green, which means the flash process is complete.

Please wait until the process is complete. If there are questions, please discuss them here.

Hendra Wijaya

Notes :

  1. The order does not indicate rank
  2. If there is damage when the flash is at your own risk, if you are not sure, please do not proceed
  3. This article is translated into English from here.

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