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How to delete whatsapp photos and videos at once

In whatsapp you may be a lot of groups that you follow every day, from the office group, family, friends, community, where the group sends photos, videos, documents, location, etc., this causes the performance of your cell phone can go down because the files are stored piling up in your phone’s memory.

Whatsapp notifications not working on iphone

Make sure your whatsapp has been updated in the appstore / using the latest version of whatsapp, if not yet please update it first, if it has been updated but the notification still does not appear, please follow the steps below.

How to analyze the quality of sleep with a technology

The answer is that we need tools / technology that can analyze when we are sleeping, technology like this is already often found, especially on smartband and smartwatch, the brand is also diverse, my experience is only using 2 brands namely Samsung and xiaomi. Both of the above smartband can analyze the quality and duration of our sleep every day.

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