Solution for error code 4013 while restore iphone and ipad

Hello good evening friends this time I will share my experience when restoring the iPhone with error code 4013.

Please read carefully and thoroughly, so that you do not get confused and guess the contents of this article.

Before you jump to the hypothesis (or it could be a conclusion) of this case, it would be nice for you to try some of the things below, some people on the internet say they can succeed in restoring their iPhones and iPads by doing the following.

I just summarize (and I have done it myself) from some suggestions given by experts in cyberspace.

Among others as follows, I grouped the solution in two categories, namely software and hardware, the first solution you should try is software followed by hardware.

Software solutions (Windows or Mac):

ITunes + ipsw

  • Download the latest ipsw:
  • Download the latest iTunes:
  • After both of you download, try restoring back to your iPhone / iPad by clicking shift + restore or clicking option / alt + restore on the mac.
  • Navigate to the folder where the ipws file is downloaded
  • Click Open
  • Click Restore

3utools + ipsw

  • Download 3utools (only for windows)
  • Install 3utools and run the program, before you also have to install itunes
  • If the above steps fail, you need to enter sage mode, kidding means DFU (simply connect to itunes / 3utools without booting iOS)
  • How to enter DFU is as follows: 1. Turn off the device, 2. Press the power button + home button, 3. after the black color release the power button and keep pressing the home button until the screen is black (see details here)
  • If you have entered DFU, DFU 3utools mode information will appear
  • click flash and jb
  • Click import firmware, navigate to the ipsw folder that has been previously downloaded
  • Click flash

If the software solution remains zero, now you try the hardware solution, first you must understand that you already have the basic to disassemble the iPhone device, if not, please contact the nearest technician hub around you.

Hardware Solutions :

Replace USB and use another computer

  • Please lend a friend USB / use another computer for the flashing process
    Remove the iphone LCD
  • Remove the LCD when it flashes, in some forums it is likely that the front camera and proximity sensor are error which causes a failed restore.
  • After you remove the LCD, please try to restore it
  • Please see the LCD release tutorial here
    Change the flex usb charge
  • I also replaced the OEM flex charge which is also recommended on several internet forums, the possibility of the flex charge line is broken, because error 4013 was mentioned by Apple on the USB port problem. (27rb price in many marketplaces) this example on amazon
    Change battery
  • Some outside forums also encourage replacement of batteries, please borrow a battery from your friends or you can buy OEM batteries for (55 thousand in many marketplaces)
    If all of the above you have done and the results are still the same can not be restored, then the following are the next steps that are quite heavy, namely:

Change NAND IC

  • Replacing your iPhone’s internal memory / NAND IC
  • The price of IC NAND around 90 thousand + 180 thousand program (for iphone 5s) the higher the iphone the more expensive
  • The installation fee is around 150-200 thousand (find the nearest technician)
  • Done by draining energy and testing patience, please see the video here
    The final step is to replace your iPhone’s Logic board or mainboard, prices range between 1 million for ip5s – 4 million ip6s plus.

All of the above equipment you can get in the marketplace (topep and open book).

For iPhone 5s that cannot be activated / activated after upgrading / installing iOS 11, please click here.

Please leave a comment to discuss if there is a successful restore from error code 4013.

Hendra Wijaya

Note : This article is translated into English from here.

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