How to analyze the quality of sleep with a technology

Hello good afternoon everyone, how do you still sleep in this pandemic? Yes some people do tend to have new hobbies, one of them is sleeping. but how do we analyze the quality of our sleep? how long do we sleep? Is it sound or not? You can use this technology to measure it.

The average human does have a long sleep according to age, according to information I have collected from several sources, here is a reference we should sleep how many hours according to age category:

  • Newborns (0-3 months): 14-17 hours every day.
  • Infants (4-11 months): 12-15 hours every day.
  • Toddler (1-2 years): 11-14 hours every day.
  • Preschool (3-5 years): 10-13 hours every day.
  • School age (6-13 years): 9-11 hours every day.
  • Young adults (18-25 years): 7-9 hours every day.
  • Adult (26-64 years): 7-9 hours every day.
  • Elderly (65 years and over): 7-8 hours every day.

And if we are lack of sleep or less than the recommended hours above will usually appear symptoms such as dizziness, weakness and hormonal changes in our bodies that make us not fit. From the problems above related to hours of sleep and quality of sleep, how do we see whether the above size is in accordance with our daily lives?

The answer is that we need tools / technology that can analyze when we are sleeping, technology like this is already often found, especially on smartband and smartwatch, the brand is also diverse, my experience is only using 2 brands namely Samsung and xiaomi. Both of the above smartband can analyze the quality and duration of our sleep every day.

Here is what you need to prepare:

  • Of course you have to have a smartband, you can also use a smartwatch but in my experience because a smartwatch in terms of large size during sleep may feel a lot of disturbances unlike a smartband that is smaller and lighter in size.
  • Try to choose an affordable price such as Xiaomi Smartband or Samsung Galaxy Fit e.
  • Smartband applications like Samsung Health.
  • Use your smartband when you start sleeping, when you sleep sensors on the smartband will detect your activity, especially heart rate.
  • You can track how long you sleep.
  • Then sleep efficiency, actual sleep, and calories burned while sleeping.
  • There are also graphics like Restless, Light and Motionless. This is related to when you do not move a lot and do not move at all indicating (not dead yes) means that the heart rate at the lowest level in the range of 60. For restless it’s like the Javanese language turns (not drooling) it’s different again.
  • Your report can also be summarized or grouped every week or every month.

If your sleep efficiency is lacking, for example, you often wake up at night, try to relax more, do not need a lot of thought because everything is set up, the fortune will not be exchanged like flip-flops in the mosque (halah), maybe you can also turn off the lights / lighting in the room you to sleep more soundly.

The hope is by analyzing your sleep, you can improve the quality of your sleep so that it can improve the quality of your daily work, because if you don’t get enough sleep we usually don’t focus on working.

Good luck friends, and do not be forced to buy a smartband if this is not a priority friends, so relax, there is more sustenance can buy there is no waiting for good fortune, while note the manual first yeah.

Hendra Wijaya

Note : This article is translated into English from here.

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